Thursday, June 09, 2005

No Shame in the Park...with George?

We were asked (and contractually obligated) to perform a half hour sampler No Shame in the park today at 1:30, right after Miss Teen South Carolina sang a half hour of songs...but the cops must have tipped her I was coming because she was loooonnnnng gone by the time I showed up.

At any rate, here is the order for the "mini-Shame"

1. Clinton Johnston, Last Five Dollars, performed by Clinton Johnston
2. Jeff Goode, Facial Bases for the Alligators, performed by Todd Ristau and John Shirley
3. Nelson Oliver, Disappearing Bandana, performed by Nelson Oliver
4. Todd Ristau, Lou, performed by Todd Ristau
5. Amy Alls, Maybe Someday, performed by Amy Alls

Host: Todd Ristau


Blogger Todd said...

This went really well, apart from the blistering heat and tiny crowd...fully one third of which left when the group home counselor made them all stand up and leave during Clinton's song. Which I thought was really bad form, but I guess the time was up. Clinton recovered nicely, however and gave them very nice exit music and reprised the beginning without missing a beat. Two women in the audience were really with it throughout, nodding in agreement during all the pieces, especially Lou, and laughing a lot at Jeff's piece. Two of the people came up to talk to us after the show and said they'd come tonight.

6/09/2005 10:16 PM  

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