Friday, December 09, 2005

Official Roanoke NS Order for 12.02.05

This was a HUGE night. We almost packed the house and the energy was amazing!

Order Up!

1) The Sexy Bitches, UNTITLED, scene, performed by the troupe ("and remember kids: only stupid bitches wear fur coats")

2) Adrien Monti, THE PSYCH WARD, memoir, performed by the author(Peter suffers from borderline personality disorder and consults with Adrien before before throwing chairs)

3) Dwayne Yancey, THE HUNTING ACCIDENT, monologue, performed by Todd Ristau (Todd discovers hunting isn't the only thing he and his hunting buddy have been doing together)

4) Nelson Oliver, RESOLUTIONS, illusion, performed by the illusionist and members of the audience (Nelson predicts the New Years resolutions of 3 audience members)

5) Jared Reisenberg, THE RE-EMERGENCE OF ANTI-SEMITISM PART 2, essay,
performed by the author (Jared continues his memoir of encounters with anti-semitism)

6) Sonny Campbell, MY UNCLE, song, performed by the author (Sonny sings a song about his "uncle," the bully)

7) Christina Smith, YOU, poem, performed by the author (Christina expresses her desire for safety through spoken word)

8) Amy Alls, I'M YOUR MAN, monologue, performed by BLUE (Blue is scum. Blue is an idiot. But he's just so damned good at it.)

9) Connie Sellers, DESERT LANDSCAPE, song, performed by the author with harmonica (Connie sings of his fondness for the desert)

10)Brill, BALLS, scene, performed by the author and Steven Breeding ("Balls,indeed.")

11)Daniel McBroom, STOMPING GROUND, song, performed by the author(Daniel dreams of everyone in his life at a bonfire drum circle huge party type thing and writes a song about it)

12)Tilly, THE INTERVIEW, scene, performed by the author, Christina Smith, Laura Scott and Robert Smith (A man waits for a job interview while trying very hard to read his book and converse with a woman in the waiting room)

13)Blake Lipscomb, THE TOILET SEAT SAGA, scene, performed by the author, Simon Adkins, John Brill and Bruce Mahin (A man's every move in his bathroom is dictated by what's going on on television)

14)MV, COLD HEARTLESS, poem, performed by the author (Mike doesn't cry at funerals)

15)Archie Levine, A PAGAN SYMBOL BY ANY OTHER NAME, performed by Todd
Ristau (Archie says, "Please stop fighting about stupid things and start living like Christ came here to convince you to live. With kindness, generosity, humility and forgiveness." He said a lot of other stuff too that was equally important. But that about sums up his response to the "Holiday Tree" versus "Christmas Tree" debate.)



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