Monday, September 05, 2005

Iowa City Order, 9/2/05


1. "Get Your Jug," by the Michael Tabors (Musical performance featuring Jamal, Michael Tabor, and Sean Shatto)

2. "A Sincere and Heartfelt Monologue about My Feelings and NOT My Penis," by Jonathan Shelton (Shelton keeps trying to get around to not talking about his penis, but never quite makes it)

2.5. "Gross Things #1" by Mirri. (Mirri drinks clam juice)

3. "I Now Have the Right to Judge Everyone," by Evan Schenck (Dialogue between Evan and a violent, misogynistic God)

4. Sadie's piece (sorry, the order got messed up and I don't have the title, but it was the one where Michael Tabor had a bucket and a bag on his head, and Sadie fed him watermelon)

5. "In the Date World, Prunes Are King," by Alisa Rosenthal (Alisa and Adam are on what appears to be a blind date, but it turns out to be much awkarder)

5.5. "Gross Things #2," by Mirri (Mirri eats sardines)

6. "Aprille Out of Chile," by John Leigh (Aprille dictates a letter to Gómez, her lost Chilean love)

7. "Going to Hell," by Eli Wilkinson (Eli is a jerk of a doctor who is mean)

8. "My Friend Jennifer Connelly," by Patrick Ashcraft (Patrick tells us about his great friendship with Jennifer Connelly, with whom he attended camp)

8.5. "Gross Things #3," by Mirri (Mirri eats nutmeg in clam juice)

9. "Living and Dressing as Someone Else," by Cool Jesse (Jesse and many others read poetry/prose, sometimes simultaneously and sometimes Jesse by himself. Themes of summertime and abandonment)

10. "D-I-V-O-R-C-E-Whee!" by Bobby Evers (Katy, Bobby's mother, informs him that her divorce from his father is entirely his fault)

11. "Marianne or: How I Spend My Summer Vacation," by Adam Hahn (Adam recounts a tale of his killing spree-road trip with the oft-married Marianne)

11.5. "Gross Things #4," by Mirri (Mirri drinks evaporated milk)

12. From Just Another Shark: "Amity," by Stephen Hiro (a man best known as Stev-0 performs a song on a mandoline (?) and sings--themes of shark attacks and lost love)

13. "Vikings Sketch, or Rape Is Funny," by Eric Landuyt (Vikings pillage a man's house, and discover that his wife, like all women--according to the piece--longs to be raped due to the inadequacies of her husband)

14. "My Little Brother and I Meet a Biceratops," by Aprille Clarke (Aprille recounts various memories of her brother, culminating with a ball-cutting trip to the State Fair)

14.5 "Gross Things #5" by Mirri (Mirri eats catfood, then makes out with Jonathan Shelton)

15. "Keep Your Friends Close and Friends Far, Far Away," by Tim Sitzmann (A man discovers Bigfoot, almost loses his wife and best friend to Bigfoot's coolness, but then exposes that it's not really Bigfoot)

16. "The Hat Shop," by Bernice Wells Carlson (Michael Tabor, a hat shop patron, and Jamal, a hat shop employee, attempt a business interaction to little avail)

Good show, good audience, good times. Post your thoughts and reviews as a comment on this entry!


Anonymous Adam is in a fight with Aprille to get his MSN Board order more replies than her Blog post said...

>12. From Just Another Shark: "Amity,"
>by Stephen Hiro (a man best known as
>Stev-0 performs a song on a mandoline (?)


9/05/2005 10:09 PM  

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