Saturday, September 20, 2008

9.19.08 Iowa City

We had a show. 'Twas in a basement. The order was pretty short so ya'll can just get it right here.

1. What Doesn't Kill You Might Perhaps Kill You?
by Katy Baggs
(Poison-related kingly cooking)

2. Water You Have Betrayed Me
by Eric Jesteadt
(Heart to hydrogen with the element of life)

3. Song
by Mirri
(Song about Aunt Marjorie)

4. NYT Obituary Errata and Corrections
by Evan Schenck
(Jim Davis is neither dead nor is he secretly Slobodan Milosevic)

5. Relax, I'll Put it Back When I'm Done With It
by Chicken and Biscuits or Cold Apple Cider
(Couple debates television career, liver removal)

6. NSNN: Summer Murder Update
by James S. Roth
(Reenactments of murderous-type events)

7. This Song is Not My Style
by Leigh
(This song was not her style)

8. The Grandeur and Riveting Tragedy of Mr. Flippy
by Mirri
(Fish better off dead, Travis better off away from Satan)

9. I Kissed Katy Perry and She Liked It
by A. Theresa
(Borrowed kiss story)

10. Twenty Things to do Now that It's the End of the World
by John Bates
(Self-explanatory list)



Blogger Katy Baggs said...

Okay, I'll go ahead and review the show.

1. Eh, my piece was okay. I hadn't written a skit in a while.

2. I really really liked this monologue, especially when he told water Remember how when people scuba dive in you, they keep you out.

3. I tapped my foot to this.

4. A good use of building up of the comedy: start with a premise (false obituary) and then make the details increasingly absurd.

5. Maybe could have been shortened? But funny reveals ('med student' is actually aspiring tv writer, is actually serial killer)

6. I was prepared to be made a little uncomfortable and maybe I was, but I laughed more and hard. Excellent use of Travis who is inherently funny without trying (it's true, Travis).

7. It may not have been her style but I liked it.

8. Two stories that are seemingly unrelated, but when intercut force us to consider how they relate to one another. I also liked the characterization of Satan not as a monster but as some guy who is just a sleazy, whiny asshole.

9. I like pieces like these that are anecdotes, they came from a real event and then the storyteller puts their personal spin on it. This was cute.

10. I don't remember most of the items on the list but I know I laughed.

Everyone watch the first Presidential debate before this week's show! Democracy is the shepherd that herds the sheep of our citizens through the halcyon meadow of economic turmoil! Keep watching the skies! The truth is somewhere! What the dilly yo!

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