Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Shame October 12, 2012

Order in the comments. Please feel free to let us know what you think of the pieces you saw, either anonymously, by name, or by pseudonym in the comments.



Blogger Morgan Miller said...

1. Turth Time by Bryan

2. Let's Celebrate by Nick Edinger

3. Bathroom Shenanigans by Jesse Heisel

3.5. Hissdemeanor by Morgan Miller

4. The Diarrhea of Anne Frank by Craig Martin

5. The Perfect Date by Caeth

6. Up Jumped the Devil by John Dingo

7. Petty Theft (Act 1, Scene 7) by Ciuin Ferrin

8. The Harp by Alison Crooks

9. In a Kingdom by the Sea by Gary Daugherty

10. True Love Comes in Strange Forms by John Shang

11. Nothing by Taylor

12. The Deed by John Shang

13. Hi, mom: by Empire of the Rising Sun

10/13/2012 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 and 13 ftw

10/17/2012 12:09 AM  
Anonymous Sean Burnham Fangirl said...

Favorites were 5, and 6

11/05/2012 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Sean Burnham said...

11/06/2012 11:42 PM  
Anonymous Sean Burnham Fangirl said...


11/17/2012 2:01 PM  
Anonymous Manoj Arneson said...

6 and 13 ftw

2/04/2013 11:59 AM  

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