Thursday, January 04, 2007

Roanoke 12.22.06 Order

And now, the belated order from two weeks ago in Virginia.

For the order check the comments. To leave a comment....well, leave a comment.



Blogger Todd said...

Official Order for Roanoke, 2.22.2006

1) Jared Riesenberg, LETTER SENT TO ROBERT GATES (SECRETARY OF DEFENSE) Part II, epistle, performed by the letter writer

2) Dwyane Yancey, FATHER CHRISTMAS, PART II, comic scene, performed by Mike Allen, Todd Ristau, Cate Leonard, Kenley Smith, Laura Franklin, and Keith Yancey

3) Eliot Wheeler, BANG, poem, performed by the author

4) David Cheresnowsky, TELEPHONING THE BITCH, poem, performed by the author

5) Lantari and Nelson Oliver, THE HUMAN CHRISTMAS TREE, performance art, performed by the artists performing

6) Adrien Monti, I DON'T WANT TO GET OUT OF BED, song with guitar, performed by the author

7) Kenley Smith, DRIVE THROUGH, PLEASE, serio-comic scene, performed by the author (off stage) and Cate Leonard

8) Blue, INSPIRATION, poem, performed by the author

9) Ethan Armstrong, COAL DUST #2: TOBACCO 'N' ME: A HATE STORY, performed by Mike Allen

10) Tilly Gokbudak, RAINED OUT IN ISTANBUL, monologue, performed by the author

11) Clinton Johnston, EVERYTHING I PLAY IS THE BLUES, song with guitar, performed by the author

12) Kyle Edgell, A SPECTATOR SPORT, charicature drawing, performed by the artist with audience volunteers

13) Todd Ristau, SANTA'S NEW JOB, serio-comic scene, performed by the author, Kenley Smith and Steven Breeding

14) Nelson Oliver, SNOWFLAKE, illusion, performed by the illusionist


Director/Producer/Order Taker/Board Operator: Todd Ristau

House Manager/Box Office/Host: Laura Franklin

Production Assistant: Steven Breeding

1/04/2007 4:06 PM  
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