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Big Butt order. 10/14

Tim was having problems posting the order, so he emailed it to's what he emailed

Here it is:

Big Butt, 10/14/05 Announcements:

Michael and Jamal's last no shame; they have joined the national guard.

There might be Yes, Shame this tuesday (confirmed later as Yes Shamers werelate in arriving)

There was probably a play going on somewhere, sometime that I don'tremember.

The Order:

1. Dogs are smiling by the Michael Tabors
The michael tabors sing a song about smiling, polite, and loveable dogswhich they will pet. but they will not pet the bad dogs.

2. Stay off my planet by Bobby Evers.
Bobby is a Martian who is angry at earthling tourists that do nothing tohelp the martian economy but also have no respect for their people orculture.

2.5 Parking your car by Evan Schenk (Shank)
Found art: the university guide to parking which asks you to use yoursenses (including smell) to park your car

3. Rivers & Lasers: Friends to the end except they're actually enemies by Sadie Smith
After failing to convince soda kids of the goodness of ovaltine, a manattempts to teach a strange creature to speak, and say I Love Ovaltine. the creature has none of it.

4. From just another white shark "Amity part 2" by Stephen Hiro
Stephen sings a song about the girl he almost got back together with (nearly jeopordizing his album) but also the end of Jaws

5. 6 Ways to get killed by the mob by Eli Wilkinson
Eli unfortunately does the wrong things at the wrong times and is beaten by mobs for being pro-choice at an anti-abortion rally, drinking coke at an anti-coke rally, amongst other things.

6. Sex! Oh - and sex! by Timm Sitzmann
Timm does a monologue about sex and how it is good amongst other details of sexually related things

7. My Oblivian Returns!!! by Patrick Ashcraft is SAD
Patrick confronts Eli during a monologue and gives his own monologue with much elaborate imagery about his oblivian, which will not go away. He then confronts and kills two people who have either contributed or not helped solve his oblivion.

8. Like a virgin: My first serious no shame piece by Eric Landruyt
Monologue seemingly autobiographical about a catholic school boy dealing with his sexual desire and the guilt which comes with it as he nearly loses his virginity but doesn't quite... make it...

9. A Poem for mom by Danielle Santangello
A boy writes poetry under the influence of his mother who tells him what type of poetry to write. (romantic poetry is what she wants!) When the boy finally does attempt to be romantic for Kate(?) the mother whisks him a way to be held against her bosom and subsequently breast fed10.

Dear Ms. Evie Richardson, Parking Services 100 IMU Ramp, 319-335-1473 byLeslie Koppenhaver
Leslie writes a letter to a director of parking services to complain about university parking procedures, dumb kids who live in WaCheer (spelling?),and other problems.

11. The cops are after Lenny by Aprille Clarke
Aprille's semi-retarded brother has killed children. It turns out her brother is half donkey! Aprille first blames Lenny, then herself, then Marcothe grilled cheese guy. All of this happens on Aprille's wedding day. It turns out she is actually sad about her dead mom not being at the wedding, so they decided to dig her up.

12. The Merchant of Venice, Act I - Just Kidding. For Hillary, I am a tatooist of children by Adam Hahn
A candlelit monologue about a man who develops an obsession for Hillary, a grad student who writes poetry, works with children, and recently got atatoo. Adam combines these three things into tatooing poetry on children

13. Aprille Anew: The Resurrection by John Leigh
Aprille decides to scrap the abortion and reimpregnate herself with thechild of Gomez by using DNA from his lock of hair. Denny discovers that sheis pregnant and either does not believe that the baby is not his or decides she is a whore. Either way he vows it will not be the end. Meanwhile, Aprille realizes that she is essentially the Virgin Mary of Science!

13.5 Monsters are so dumb sometimes by Timm Sitzmann
Sadie's attempt to read Henry David Thorough is rudely interrupted by a group of monsters growling, stomping, and generally created an envirnomentinconducive to reading The Maine Woods. Sadie asks them to leave and they sadly exit as Sadie resumes her reading of Thorough.

14. Working title by Evan Schenk
Evan thinks women use men and that love is a corporate holiday to make money. People with girlfriends are doing what THEY want you to do - falling in line with the system. But do his past girlfriends make him a hypocrite?

15. Edison and his wife by Bernice Wells Carlson
Thomas Edison's wife chastises him for his laziness and not inventing as much as he could possibly invent. She threatens him with a yet uninvented rolling pin as Edison rues the day which he invented his own wife!

16. Oh my god my penis burns! by Mistress Sasha
A newly hired hooker shows her father her new workplace. He gets a tour complete with sex toys, domination type devices, stories about sex and poop and pee, along with an offer for sex from the russian lady.

I am not good at summarizing pieces. some pieces i remembered more, someless. feel free to add, correct, and then review the show.


Anonymous evan schenck said...

2. Stay off my planet by Bobby Evers.

Brilliant. The Martian's ranting about his people had no food and no water and hating the Earthlings with their crazy money was great, and the ending where he reluctantly accepted the spare change for his photo was a great cap.

3. Rivers & Lasers: Friends to the end except they're actually enemies by Sadie Smith

This was a great piece as well. For my part I wasn't sure if Sadie was actually a strange creature or if she was a normal person who was just playing along with the crazy Ovaltine guy. I think it makes sense either way, though I find my explanation more amusing.

4. From just another white shark "Amity part 2" by Stephen Hiro

Did Stephen say he was going to sell copies of this albums some time? I want and need to buy this album. The songs we've heard so far have managed to be hilarious and sublime at the same time. The line about grabbing hold of the wreckage and paddling to the shore, how that related to both his relationship with the girl and the movie that inspired his music, was particularly brilliant. If and when I get married I will probably try to have "Amity Part 2" played at the reception, but will almost certainly be vetoed. But it's the thought that counts.

8. Like a virgin: My first serious no shame piece by Eric Landruyt

This was supposed to be a serious piece, which goes to show that the true stories are the most hilarious. I thought that the speed with which a premature ejaculation was able to completely destroy the relationship between two people was amazing. They went from very friendly people wanting to have sex immediately, right to yelling at eachother and not speaking for years.

12. The Merchant of Venice, Act I - Just Kidding. For Hillary, I am a tatooist of children by Adam Hahn

The best piece of the night, in my opinion. The choice of lighting was good and enhanced the writing; the piece overall really brought out the tortured, possibly psychotic mentality of the narrator. My favorite line was one that went something like "Hillary is so good with children, she'd make a great mother someday." I liked it because it was so understated and easy to miss, but no less crazy than anything else said by the narrator. Clearly he wants her to be a good mother to his children, and he's not afraid to stalk her and kidnap/drug/tattoo children as part of his attempts to understand her better.

10/17/2005 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Adam Egg Hahn said...

Themes of the night:
-Parked car(t)s
-Nearly or partially exposed breasts
-Adam destroying his voice before your very ears.

This was one of our best shows this fall, even if every attempt to speak at Village Inn meant pain in my vocal cords.

1. Dogs Are Smiling by the Michael Tabors
Proves the old saying that all the best songs are written by people playing four-square.

2. Stay Off My Planet by Bobby Evers.
Lovely allegory, great visuals of Bobby and Katy.

2.5 Parking Your Car by Evan Schenk
This was a great opening that could have gone further, but then it ended.

3. Rivers & Lasers: Friends to the End, Except They're Actually Enemies by Sadie Smith
Fun script, and Sadie set up visually interesting interaction between the man and the creature.

4. From Just Another White Shark "Amity Part 2" by Stephen Hiro
I am in love with this album. It's too bad Stephen had to change his last name to get work in this Czech-hating town.

5. 6 Ways to Get Killed by the Mob by Eli Wilkinson
I hoped the mob killings were as much fun to watch as they were to perform.
I was disappointed Eli didn't use my longer Landuyt-referencing rape joke.

6. Sex! Oh - And Sex! by Timm Sitzmann
I had the same problem with this that I did with Timm's first true tale from Argentina: I like Timm on the stage, I like the individual ideas that make up the piece, but it would all work better if the ideas were reorganized to build more steadily from the introduction to the final punchline.

7. My Oblivian Returns!!! by Patrick Ashcraft is SAD
I was never much a fan of the over-repeated "Oblivion" in the first place. This piece was not as interesting as Patrick's others this semester, some of which have been great. I was glad to see someone take control of the set pieces we were all afraid to touch and gladder still not to see them break.
I'm sorry to hear Patrick is SAD.

8. Like a Virgin: My First Serious No Shame Piece by Eric Landuyt
Eric tried something different for him, and I think it paid off. I hope he learned from exceeding the time limit. With careful editing, this could have been a tighter and shorter monologue.

9. A Poem for mom by Danielle Santangelo
The highlight of my night, if not the greatest piece ever performed at No Shame, but I had a better seat than you did.
Aprille did something years ago with breast-feeding of an adult-ish male. Danielle's involvement of the poetry, homophobia, and the poor girl in the fourth row I addressed as Kate made this piece fresh and tremendously fun to perform.
How did it look?

10. Dear Ms. Evie Richardson, Parking Services 100 IMU Ramp, 319-335-1473 byLeslie Koppenhaver
dumb kids who live in WaCheer (spelling?)
"What Cheer"

11. The Cops Are After Lenny by Aprille Clarke
The ONLY disappointing thing about this was Aprille not saying, "You know how embarrassing your parents are? Well, multiply that by DONKEY!"

13. Aprille Anew: The Resurrection by John Leigh
I'm slowly starting to get into the Aprille/Gomez pieces, or else becoming numb to my confusion.

13.5 Monsters Are so Dumb Sometimes by Timm Sitzmann
I hope this was as much fun for the audience as it was for the monsters, as it was one of my last attempts to destroy my voice.

14. Working Title by Evan Schenk
The idea of comparing the costs and benefits of prostitutes and girlfriend/wives is a cliche. I couldn't stay involved enough for the jokes about the underlying Jewish conspiracy to be interesting.

15. Edison and his wife by Bernice Wells Carlson
My favorite Carlson piece.

16. Oh My God My Penis Burns! by Mistress Sasha
Sasha: Come back! This was more ambitious that anything I recall from a first-time writer, too ambitious for the rehearsal time available. Issues with costuming (I believe the women were all to be in underwear, but the actresses involved were understandably reluctant to reveal so much on such short notice), missing pages, actors getting lost on the stage (awkward entries/exits, people standing in a line for five minutes) got in the way of what could have been a fast and interesting short play.

10/17/2005 11:54 PM  

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