Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Official Roanoke BONS Orders from 10/7 and 10/8

FRIDAY 10.7.05

1)John Peery as Sir Isaac Newton, LETTER FROM NEWTON TO HIS MOTHER,poem, performed by the author

2)Chris Taibbi, UNTITLED, comedic juggling routine, performed by thejuggler

3)Michael Villa, WILD WEST, comedic scene, performed by the author,Jennifer Villa, Chad Snyder, Ross Laguzza and Keith Yancey

4)Trevor Wilhelms, SALMON, scene in reverse, performed by the author and Aaron Fallon

5)Amy Alls, THE 6 MONTHS, 18 DAYS, 4 HOURS AND 7 MINUTES ITCH,comedic monologue performed by John Brill

6)Chad Snyder, NO NAMES NO FACES, dramatic monologue, performed bythe author

7)Simon Adkins, SWITCH (previously known as "TRAVELLING PLANS"),comedic scene, performed by the author, Robb Rouse, Laura Tuggle Anderson and J.D. Ruelle

8)Tinkle Flower and Captain Sassy Pants, SUDDEN DEATH IN A SANDBOX,comedic scene, performed by Jackie Suits and Sara Clifton

9)David Cheresnowsky, PAINTING WITH WORDS, poem, performed by the author

10)Flying Thought Monkeys, BEAKER 47, comedic scene, performed byRoss Laguzza, Gina Laguzza and Chris Laguzza

11)Nelson Oliver, SHATTER, illusion, performed by "your bone daddy of entertainment" and audience volunteer

12)Mike Allen, TANGUY'S PEBBLE, poem, performed by the author

13)Billy Atkins, UNTITLED, improvisational tribal-ish drumming, performed by the drummer


14)Archie Levine, THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG, political rant,performed by the author

15)Robb Rouse, BATHROOM RESIGNATION, comedic monologue, performed by the author and Ross Laguzza

16)Amy Alls, A DANCER'S BODY, song, performed by the author with John Bryant on guitar

17)Tamathy Christensen, MEMOIR OF THE OLDEST OF 21 KIDS, memoir, performed by the author

18)Vickie Holt, HOUSE OF MIRRORS, scene, performed by the author,John Brill and Mike Allen

19)Big Lick Conspiracy, SHRINKING FAIRY TALE, improvised scene,performed by J.D. Ruelle, Robb Rouse, Laura Tuggle Anderson, SimonAdkins, Ross Laguzza and John Bryant

20)Jessica Nash, FUNKY SMELLS INDUSTRIES, comedic scene, performed by the author, Kurt Kandy, Michael Villa and Jennifer Villa

21)Laura Franklin, NOT A DAY GOES BY, poem, performed by the author

22)Dwayne Yancey, MOVING VIOLATION, comedic monologue, performed by Chad Snyder

23)Jeff Goode, A NUMBER BETWEEN ONE AND ANTELOPE, comedic scene,performed by Robb Rouse and Todd Ristau

24)Eleanore Lavine, GRANDMA AND THE FOOTBALL TEAM, poem, performed by Laura Tuggle Anderson

25)Connie Sellers, LOVE LIVES ON, song, performed by the author on guitar

26)John Bryant, GIRL 3.11, comedic song, performed by the author on piano


A) John Peery's, Trevor Wilhelm's and Jeff Goode's pieces did not appear in Saturday's BONS
B) These pieces replaced the Wilhelm and Peery pieces in the order:
1) Dan-O McConnell, MARY ALICE JONES, comedic song, performed by the author on guitar
2) Marian McConnell, TATTOO OF AN ANGEL, song, performed by the author on guitar
C) These authors remained in the order, but switched out their pieces with other pieces:
1) Chad Snyder, GUARDIAN ANGEL, dramatic monologue, performed by the author
2) Tamathy Christensen, A PRAYER BEFORE DRIVING, memoir, performed by the author
3) Amy Alls, THE LOVE ALMOST WRITTEN IN THE STARS, song, performed by the author a capella

Everything else stayed the same (excluding the little bit of mixing around with regard to order placement). We had an absolutely EXCELLENT weekend of shamelessness!! (once completed order for regular No Shame on 10.7.05 is obtained, that will also be posted)




Blogger Amy said...

What a wild weekend! Both shows were absolutely great, everyone!! I did not even mind the fact that I didn't get any sleep whatsoever all weekend long, because things ended up going so incredibly well!! I thought everyone did a super job, but I'd like to just touch on a couple of performances that stood out to me personally for whatever reason.

13) Archie Levine, THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG, political rant, performed by the author (Todd Ristau)

Todd, I am extremely glad you didn't burst anymore blood vessels in your eye. I love this piece. I would say it's one of my favorite Archie pieces---if not THE favorite (at this time). I even think by taking it down a notch to keep your eye from exploding improved the overall effect it had. ;)

14) Robb Rouse, BATHROOM RESIGNATION, comedic monologue, performed by the author and Ross Laguzza

Robb, you have always done a great job with this piece (and I've seen it enough to know, hehe), but your timing and energy throughout the piece both nights of BONS were absolutely PERFECT. You nailed it THROUGH THE ROOF!!

7 on Saturday night)Dan-O McConnell, MARY ALICE JONES, comedic song, performed by the author on guitar AND
20 on Saturday night)Marian McConnell, TATTOO OF AN ANGEL, song, performed by the author on guitar

MCCONNELLS!! I am BEGGING you to please start coming back to No Shame!! I know you're both very busy, but we MISS YOU and we LOVE YOU!! Great songs, as usual!! AND Don't forget to join our yahoo group!!

17)Vickie Holt, HOUSE OF MIRRORS, scene, performed by the author and John Brill

This is another piece I thoroughly enjoyed the first time I saw it months and months ago, but it was EVEN BETTER at both shows this time! Good job both of you!! Also, congrats to Vickie on the passing of the guard (hosting)!!

Thanks again, everyone, for coming!! I am looking forward to seeing everyone this friday, same shameless time, same shameless chann--er, theatre. Waldron. 10pm to perform. Show's on at 11pm. AND REMEMBER, DON'T ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU HEAR FROM OTHER PEOPLE IN THE BEAKER!! JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!!

Amy. Woozy.

10/12/2005 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh heh heh heh heh .... Gotta love roanoke va

11/06/2005 1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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